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Bill Buth

Bill has been designing and making art neon, furniture, glass art, decorative art,
lamps and lighting for over 25 years. The 'Gallery' sections of this
website highlight a small segment of his total body of work. Based in Wisconsin,
Bill began working in stained glass and sand-carved glass almost 30 years ago.
In 1984, after teaching himself how to 'bend' neon glass, he took up neon as an
art form and a career. Not to be limited to the typical 2-dimensional neon
work that had been the industry standard, Bill pioneered the design of furniture
and other decorative pieces that incorporated neon. This was virtually unheard of
in the neon industry. He had to adapt power supplies and other neon sign-oriented
components to work in his art pieces. Because of the acceptance of his neon designs,
Bill started to design furniture and lighting fixtures with sources other than neon,
and eventually with no light sources at all. Bill's unique and original work attracted
the attention of lighting manufacturers, who license many of his designs.
Today, as a free-lance design professional, Bill employs 3-D modeling to
conceptualize his astounding furniture and decorative art designs.

heart chair
Prior to the advent of PC based design programs, Bill sketched his work with
paper and pencil. Today he uses CorelDraw, Corel PaintShop Pro, and Adobe Photoshop
for two-dimensional work, and for three dimensional design work, Bill uses Blender 3-D.

Bill encourages visitors to contact him for custom design work
on a free-lance basis.

robot mirror
In 25 years, Bill has created unique art pieces for homes and businesses
throughout the United States and beyond, and has won several awards in national
competitions for his design work, mainly in neon furniture.

Many of Bill's designs are licensed by third party manufacturers,
and are available for sale at retail outlets throughout the US.
You can see samples of his design work on the Gallery Pages of this website,
and at his other web sites, listed on the 'Links' page.
If you are interested in having Bill design something for you,
call him at 520-409-2090, or email at the link below.

But wait! There's more!
Bill is also an accomplished photographer. You can see
his work at his other web site.
(click on image to go there)

   las vegas photos

To contact Bill about creating something for you, send him e-mail email
or call: 520-409-2090.

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