Decorative Art and Product Design by Bill Buth

bill's carnival of art

Some people go to see the carnival...
Bill says: 'I AM the carnival.'

Welcome to the dark carnival that performs
in the mind of artist Bill Buth.
What follows are photos of one-of-a-kind sculptures-
strange, bizarre, and unusual.
Disturbing? Perhaps. Different? We guarantee it.

custom neon orders

retro cat house
Retro Feral Cat House
retro bird house
Retro Bird House
the electric chair
The Electric Chair
neon flamingo table
An obsession with lawn flamingos.
neon flamingo table
Double Trouble.
neon television mirror
TV? No.
unique lamp
'Cloud' Lamp.
unique clock
Neon Clock.
neon table
Boomerang shaped table with neon.
unique cat
Cat mirror.
unique cat
Fuzzy cat mirror.
unique cat
Fuzzy mirror cat with light-up eyes.

How Strong Do You Think You Are?     Ringtoss

arty sculpture
Steel/LED Wall Sculpture.
arty sculpture
Abstract Neon Wall Piece,
and Neon End Table.
arty sculpture
Abstract Wall Art.
arty sculpture
Abstract Wall Art.
arty clock
Illuminated Clock.
arty sculpture
Illuminated Clock with Pendulum.
arty sculpture
'Droopy Neon'
arty sculpture
Eyeball Art.
arty neon wall piece
Nagel in Custom Frame,
with neon shades.
arty neon table
Amoeba Table.
arty mirror
Cool Mirror.
neon table
Question Mark Table.
Wheel Of Fortune
neon table
Neon Table.
neon guitar
Neon Guitar.
neon olive mirror
Neon Olive Mirror.
neon saxaphone
Neon Sax.
art table
Arty Lit Table.
art mirror
Arty Mirror.
art mirror
Arty Mirror.
t-shirt design
Tshirt design for
cat shelter.
t-shirt design
Back of tshirt.
tiki vanity
Tiki Table & Mirror.
tiki table
Tiki Table.
tiki mirror
Tiki Mirror.


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